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As New Zealand’s only Agar producer, our team at New Zealand Seaweeds collect and process this abundant resource growing on our pristine coastlines of New Zealand.

The fern-like red seaweed, Pterocladia lucida, regularly gathered by a network of harvesters, gives employment and benefits local coastal communities. This secure supply has supported the production of Agar in New Zealand since 1943, and led to the establishment of our factory in 1978.

Pterocladia seaweed is used for the production of high quality, laboratory-grade agars for use in Bacteriolocal, High Purity and Plant Tissue Culture applications. Our experienced production and technical teams ensure consistent product quality.

New Zealand Seaweeds also collects and processes other seaweeds such as Kelp. The pollution-free origins and organic properties of these seaweeds provide an ideal resource for liquid fertilisers and nutritional supplements. As natural products they have proven benefits in stimulating plant growth and enhancing the quality of produce. They also benefit the land, livestock, farmers, home gardeners and the environment.

Our New Zealand Agar Range

Agar is harvested from our clean, clear waters by traditional and modern methods...


  • Bacteriological Agar:
This agar is subjected to stringent quality control to ensure compatibility in culture media and is tested growing a wide range of fastidious micro-organisms.   
  Our Bacteriological Agar is available in low, medium and high gel strengths and can be made to customers specifications.

  • Plant Tissue Culture Agar:
Prepared chemically clean, this product is unique to New Zealand Manuka Seaweeds. Plant Tissue Culture Agar is characterised by its water and nutrient release characteristics set to optimise plant tissue growth conditions and is now widely used in commercial plant propagation.

  • High Purity Agar:
A very High Purity gelling agent. Total ash 

  • Standard Agar
Available in several gel strengths, this agar is suitable for general uses.


Agar Purchasing

Agar package sizes range from 1KG to 1 Ton

Agar Product


Standard Grade Agar


Bacteriological Agar


PTC (Plant Tissue Culture) Agar


LVPTC ( Low Vitrification Plant Tissue Culture) Agar


High Purity Agar


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