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New Zealand Mānuka Bioactives Ltd owns and operates New Zealand’s largest Mānuka oil processing facility. Our team at NZM Bioactives is also involved in a number of exciting research and development projects as well as providing input into the development of our Mānuka plantations. Bioactives represents the future of the Mānuka industry – much more than just honey.  

Our focus at NZM Bioactives is primarily on working with and producing East Cape Mānuka oil for its naturally occurring βeta-triketones and distinctive Sesquiterpine profiles. However, we also produce a range of other specialty oils including Kanuka oil, LEMA® oil, Low Aroma oils and other essential oil blends.

The only waste produced by our oil extraction process is mulch from the trees. Mulch not used for our own plantations is sold to local garden centres and farm stores, providing a closed-loop sustainability lifecycle.

Find out more about Mānuka Oil βeta Triketones, MβTK™, here.


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