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New Zealand Mānuka Group can trace its history with Mānuka all the way back to the beginning of the Mānuka industry, established by our founder Phil Caskey in the early 1990’s.

New Zealand Mānuka Group are Mānuka experts. We are vertically integrated with Mānuka Honey and Oil from the plant to the finished product. New Zealand Mānuka Group are world leaders in the development, production and supply of Mānuka therefore providing the overall benefits of Mānuka to the world.



Our Mānuka products are purely New Zealand grown and we can guarantee the origin of all of our products by managing the entire process from seed through to the extraction process and through to the commercial supply ourselves.

We harvest primarily by hand from remote regions within New Zealand in which we are consistently working on minimising our environmental footprint and respecting the precious Mānuka resource as well as the Māori -indigenous people of New Zealand that own and work the land.

With a simple steam distillation process using the leaf and twig of the Mānuka plant, we can provide an all-natural essential oil with no added chemicals or solvents. We have a dedicated technical and quality assurance (QA) team who rigorously test every batch of Mānuka oil produced by New Zealand Mānuka Bioactives Ltd to ensure that each batch is 100% pure and meeting customer expectations.


As the largest supplier of New Zealand Mānuka Oil in the world, New Zealand Mānuka Group is investing in strategic business partnerships with leading forestry research experts for sustainable long-term supply of Mānuka products. We are working to enhance existing wild Mānuka resources through wold first Mānuka plantations, propagation, nursery and forestry management techniques to ensure a sustainable supply of Mānuka products for the future.

A dedicated ‘Fair Share’ relationship program with the Māori land owners helps ensure we have sustainable, long term land owner partnerships generating a value sharing approach. This approach helps to generate additional employment and income in remote, low socioeconomic Māori communities of New Zealand that are situated in the heart of the highest quality Mānuka growing

regions and forests. Our large team of dedicated forestry and plant managers work closely together to track and review historic data to help ensure we are harvesting from the best of the Mānuka trees to consistently deliver high quality Mānuka Oil.


Today, New Zealand Mānuka Group is leading the industry into an ever more exciting future through investment in product innovations and scientific research - taking the ancient Mānuka plant to new markets and customers worldwide.

We have dedicated in-house PhD scientists and technical experts who are available to work with customers to provide custom solutions and guidance on formulations including dilution rates and the most effective Mānuka oil grades.

As scientific pioneers in the application of Mānuka oil, our team have an extensive network of external collaborators to continually grow and build the overall Mānuka industry expertise.



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