Manuka Originz™ and Oritain

All our Mānuka honey products carry the Manuka Originz™ guarantee. This gives every customer the ability to trace their New Zealand Mānuka product all the way back to its source of origin. This trademark represents our commitment to quality and authenticity. By tracking our honey back to its original source, you can better understand the efforts that have gone into creating this wonderful natural product.

To provide customers with full traceability of our honey products, plus ensure the best management of our hives, every hive is fitted with a unique electronic identification tag. The tag is scanned on site which records the GPS location of the hive, while the beekeeper then enters actions and details of the hive directly onto their iPhone. This information is transferred back to our database on a daily basis.

As the honey is extracted and processed, our database is updated accordingly. From the collated data we then have a wealth of information right back to the exact location of each hive, all the way through to the final product.

Manuka Originz™ is our commitment to you that your product is of the highest quality and 100% authentic. 


To ensure that our products are from where they say they are from, we have partnered with Oritain. Oritain use Scientific Traceability to prove our product’s origin, testing the actual honey inside the packaging, not the packaging itself. For more info Oritain’s Scientific Traceability visit their website at oritain.com

Verifying your batch code
By clicking below, you'll be taken to the Manuka Originz™ page of Oritain's website. Here you will be able to enter the batch number of your selected honey product, which will present you with a certficate of origin. This means that a honey sample has gone through the scientific process to establish an origin fingerprint, which can be tested against anywhere from the supply chain through to the product in market.

Verify the origin of your products