Manuka Originz™ Traceability

Authenticity, traceability and food safety are the three reasons why we created the Mānuka Originz™ quality mark.

We take your safety, health and well-being seriously. It’s our number-one priority.

The Mānuka Originz™ mark guarantees Authenticity.

We believe the best honey is produced by healthy bees, under stringent hive management carried out by our beekeeping experts.

To ensure optimal management, all our hives are fitted with a unique electronic identification tag. The tag is scanned on site and records the GPS location. Our beekeepers then enter actions and details of the hive directly into their phones. This information is captured daily in our central database, giving us the most updated information pertaining to the state of our hives and bees, ensuring we collect Mānuka honey of the finest quality.

Buy with complete confidence, our products are genuine and of the highest quality.