MBTK™ Grading

MβTK™ stands for Mānuka oil βeta TriKetones. The MβTK™ rating, shown on labels of all certified product, lets you know the percentage of Mānuka βeta-triketones present in the oil.

Mānuka oil extracted from the leaves of the East Cape Mānuka tree is high in naturally occurring β-triketones. Mānuka harvested from other regions around New Zealand do not have such high βeta-triketone levels.



To help people understand the contents of the oil they are purchasing, MβTK™ has established a certified grading and quality assurance system. The MβTK™ icon presented on MβTK™ certified Mānuka oil clearly shows the percentage of βeta-triketones verified in the oil.

This means you can be confident that the oil you’ve purchased is authentic, has been sourced from the East Cape of New Zealand, and contains the βeta-triketone percentage value quoted on the label, or better.

For more information about MβTK™, visit our website here.