Mānuka Plantations are Transforming the East Cape

Mānuka Plantations are Transforming the East Cape

Kevin Crawshaw is our newly appointed Plantation Development Manager. Tasked with overseeing the development and refinement of our Mānuka plantations, Kevin’s main priority is to manage the planting and maintenance of the plantations. One of the core principles is employing people from the local community to deliver and maintain the plantation while being trained up into key roles to run and maintain the plantations on a day-to-day basis.

“A big part of this process is the organisation of physically getting the plantation built, there’s some horticulture and science into how you achieve that.  But probably the biggest part is developing the personnel,” says Kevin.

“We are selecting people from the local community to maintain and work on the plantations.  There are plans to develop a training centre at Maungaroa Station to then develop the skills we need on the plantations leaving me to then move on to help build other new plantations in the region.”

With a solid background in farming and 25yrs in commercial landscaping, Kevin’s last major project before joining New Zealand Mānuka Group was overseeing the landscaping for Temple View Development in Hamilton.

Kevin goes on to explain that his role is primarily focused in the overall planning and development, “The key part of what we are doing here is to get a plantation up and running, refine it and continue to refine it, then move on to manage other developments from green fields to harvest.

“It’s pretty cool because not only are we transforming part of the East Cape but also potentially creating a whole new income source for the country with the Mānuka oil.”

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