Mānuka Skincare Product Vera Wang Favourite

Mānuka Skincare Product Vera Wang Favourite

Iconic American fashion designer, Vera Wang, has listed Mānuka Secrets Exfoliant as her favourite skincare staple.  As the world clamours for authentic Mānuka products, New Zealand Mānuka Group™ celebrates this fresh wave of international popularity over its products and brands.

Vera Wang is most well-known for her wedding gowns and evening wear to the stars.  A true beauty herself, the New York-based designer is often referenced for her style and beauty secrets, with the New York post most recently asking her to share her “stylish staples” with their readers.

“Incredibly rich and soothing, this is my new fave,” shares Wang of her top beauty staple, Mānuka Secrets Exfoliant. “Particularly after a summer under the Grecian sun - Love the moisturizer and facial scrub.”

Seeing Vera Wang’s quote published in the 15th September, 2016, New York Post, New Zealand Mānuka Group™ CEO, Karl Gradon, says everyone in the company is thrilled to hear such news, “Mānuka Secrets is a cornerstone partner and we are incredibly proud to be able to share such an endorsement.”

Winning numerous awards this year for export achievement and innovation, such international recognition is another reinforcement of the company’s focus on producing authentic, high-quality Mānuka oil and honey.

“New Zealand Mānuka Group™ is connecting local communities and their natural resources with customers and consumers worldwide for highly differentiated, highly prized, natural essential oils and health products that are uniquely New Zealand,” explained judges at the 2016 Bay of Plenty Export Awards.

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