Taking Beekeeping to the next level

Taking Beekeeping to the next level

Taking Beekeeping to the Next Level

The newest appointment to our team is Hein Wait who’s official title is National Beekeeping Manager, overseeing all our beekeeping activities throughout NZ and implementing our Hive Health initiative.  Hein will also be providing an essential service in linking our company, landowners and beekeepers.

“I am excited about this role as I am a connector,” says Hein.  “We are all a link in this chain called beekeeping so we all need to be working together as equals.  I hope to have a better understanding of the landowners and any issues they have had in the past.  Also, from our side as beekeepers, working with the landowners and fulfilling their wishes so we are all on the same page - the landowners need to feel an equal part of this whole process.”

Growing up on a farm in South Africa, Hein’s family always had hives on their farm and from a very young age he understood the importance of bees.

Hein moved with his wife and children to New Zealand in 2013 where he worked at a small, South Island family-owned beekeeping company before then moving to a larger business where he was the Operations & Beekeeping Manager. “I believe we lead from the ground upwards, and my vision is as a team we will take New Zealand beekeeping to the next level.  That starts with training and understanding the culture but also getting everyone together and working as a team to be the market leaders in beekeeping.” "I am very thankful for every opportunity presented to me to gain new experiences in the field I love."

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