We are a Mānuka Company First & Foremost

We are a Mānuka Company First & Foremost

Introducing our new Sales Manager, David Turner, who is based in Awakeri, managing our global sales team towards building brand awareness, distribution channels and revenues for the group.

“As a company, we are more a Mānuka company rather than just a honey company,” explains David.  “So we really want to build awareness about what we do and the benefits of Mānuka as well as the range of Mānuka products we sell.”

After 20yrs working in top managerial and general management roles in the telco sector, David decided it was time for a sea-change about 5yrs ago and moved to Golden Bay to run a health and beauty eCommerce business.  He then moved to Nelson where he successfully ran an organic skincare company selling products into Asia.

“I love the back story,” says David when talking of his decision to join New Zealand Mānuka Group.  “The fact that I’ve come from an organic industry and New Zealand Mānuka Group has clear views on sustainability, giving back to the community and the fair share programme - it’s all music to my ears.  It’s a great story to be able to tell.”

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