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NZM Beekeeping is the business through which we partner with our beekeepers. This partnership allows our beekeepers to manage and grow their businesses as they would as independent contractors. It also allows us to put in place guidelines and policies to ensure the highest grade honey and best quality processes as detailed under our Ethical Honey Harvest Programme. This then gives access for these beekeepers to achieve Mānuka Originz™ certification for the honey extracted from their hives.

These highly skilled and incredibly passionate people tend to thousands of hives which are strategically placed on land abundant with Mānuka trees, thanks to the commitment and support of our landowner partners. As this is often very steep hill country, with no road access, we often fly the hives in and out via helicopter.

As it is our underlying commitment to partner and employ only locally-based people, all our partner beekeepers live and operate within the area where their hives are located. Such is the opportunity for these people that many are now training their children and grandchildren to become beekeepers, thus providing even more education and job opportunities for everyone in the community.