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It is through Mānuka Resources that we partner with landowners and forestry experts to ensure our continued access to plentiful and high yielding Mānuka trees. The owners and guardians of the remote coastal properties where Mānuka is at its best, allow us to use and cultivate tracts of their unique and fertile land.

These partnerships ensure a fair return to the landowners, plus the employment of only local people to cultivate and maintain this land also ensures the returns flow through to the wider community. Together we are building an exciting future for us all.

The business partnerships we have forged with New Zealand’s leading forestry experts enable us to provide high level expertise in propagation, nursery and forest management to develop our Mānuka plantations. Through laboratory-directed selective breeding and planting programs, our plantations are being built using only high yielding varieties for both Mānuka honey and oil production.

Our focus and investment into New Zealand Mānuka Resources provides a secure and fully integrated supply network for our customers, as well as economic opportunities for our remote coastal local communities.