Our Story


Phil Caskey established New Zealand's first specialist Mānuka honey company in 1996. Recognising the unique properties of Mānuka, Phil was integral in developing the now globally recognised UMF® Mānuka honey purity and quality system.

Through his work with the University of Waikato in 2000, and a medical device company in the UK, Phil created and registered the first Mānuka honey medical device in the world. The honey wound care dressing is still a popular product in most medical kits and hospitals today.

After selling Apimed Medical Honey Ltd in 2003, Phil took a break from the industry. However, in 2011, a Māori landowner contacted him and asked for his help to bring some fairness and transparency into an industry that had become over-run by some beekeepers taking honey from the land without offering a fair return to the landowners. 

With a new processing facility built, Phil quickly set about establishing long-term joint venture agreements with Māori landowners in 2012. These soon became tripartide agreements with the beekeepers ensuring an open and fair return for all.

From this solid base, the future of New Zealand Mānuka is built.