Our Story

Honey Harvesting

The partnerships we have with our beekeepers are an essential part of everything we do here at New Zealand Mānuka Group. The bees in their care pollinate our Mānuka trees, helping them to reproduce their beautiful flowers each year. While the honey they produce back in their hives is nature's liquid gold which we extract for its incredible Mānuka content and qualities.

Our Ethical Honey Harvesting programme sets out clear quality policies and procedures for all harvest and apiary operators working with New Zealand Mānuka Group. The aim of this programme is to protect the bees and hives from risk of contamination, to protect the environment during harvesting and to keep our people safe throughout the process.

Tending to over 7,000 strategically placed, fully traceable hives, our beekeepers ensure the health and well-being of the bees in their care. These passionate and dedicated people are now passing their knowledge and skills on to their children and grandchildren, providing a solid, secure future for their family, their community and us.

“It’s more than just a job; it’s also the responsibility of caring for the bees. I think it’s exciting. I would eventually like to have my own hives and run my own business one day.”

Mere Vaka, Apprentice Beekeeper