Our Story

Our Land

New Zealand, Aotearoa (Land of the Long White Cloud) is also the land of the amazing Mānuka tree. Mānuka is a native New Zealand bush plant that flourishes throughout the remote coastal regions of New Zealand when it is left to grow wild.

Working in partnership with the landowners, New Zealand Mānuka Group shares a percentage of the income gained from the Mānuka honey and oil sourced from their property. This fair and open return for the use of the land is a completely unique arrangement established by New Zealand Mānuka Group. It protects the future of the business, and ensures everyone is working together to achieve the best quality Mānuka products in the world.

The transparency of this agreement is fully traceable through Mānuka Originz™ which ensures every product can be tracked, using the product batch number, back to the land from where it was sourced.

“In the past, a bottle of wine and a bucket of honey were left at the farm gate in return for access to our land. Now NZ Mānuka has made sure we get a fair return, I can live more comfortably. The honey industry is booming for us now.”

Eddie Matchitt, Landowner, East Cape, New Zealand

“This is my home. It’s a beautiful lifestyle here – there’s the sea and the mountains. Most of our work is done on horseback. I will never live anywhere else.”

Jim White, Landowner, East Cape, New Zealand