Oil Harvesting

The way we manage our Mānuka plantations and harvest the Mānuka brush for oil, forms a complete symbiotic relationship between the bees and trees – working together to survive and thrive. Our managed pruning programme not only provides us with the brush from which our Mānuka oil is extracted, but in trimming just the top part of the tree it continues to flourish over its 20 to 30-year life-cycle.

Our custom-built mechanical trimmers allow us to harvest up to five tonne per day per trimmer. In more remote locations our portable processing system is brought to each site to minimise our use of fossil fuels and time wasted in carting the brush back to our factory. The residue mulch from the oil extraction process is then used on the plants and sold to local garden stores. There is literally no waste created as everything can be re-used or recycled, forming the ultimate sustainability cycle.

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“Our people are really excited about the oil industry here. We have landowners and people lining up to work with us.”

Bill McClutchie, NZ Mānuka Resources