MBTK™ Grading

Flavesone, leptospermone, isoleptospermone and grandiflorone are naturally occurring organic compounds collectively known as Mānuka β-Triketones (MβTK™). Mānuka β-Triketones have been shown to have very high antimicrobial properties in many peer-reviewed and in-vitro scientific research studies.

All Mānuka Oil harvested and distilled by New Zealand Mānuka Bioactives Ltd is tested and graded using the MβTK™ grading system determined by the percentage of β-Triketones present in the distilled oil.

MβTK™ levels vary in concentration depending on many factors such as soil, climate, location, ecological environment and seasonal variations throughout New Zealand.



To help people understand the contents of the oil they are purchasing, MβTK™ has established a certified grading and quality assurance system. The MβTK™ icon presented on MβTK™ certified Mānuka oil clearly shows the percentage of βeta-triketones verified in the oil.

This means you can be confident that the oil you’ve purchased is authentic, has been sourced from the East Cape of New Zealand, and contains the βeta-triketone percentage value quoted on the label, or better.

For more information about MβTK™, visit our website here.