Caring for the Environment

Our Mānuka honey and oil is sourced in the most sustainable and ethical way possible. From the moment we walk onto the land, we treat our native environment with the proper care and respect it deserves. Our environmental footprint is already so small but we continue to look for more and new ways to keep this to an absolute minimum.

Hives are placed on well-researched sites to ensure bees don’t have to travel long distances to collect the nectar from the Mānuka flowers. We use helicopters to place the hives into position, and beekeepers walk into the bush to tend to their hives through the season.

Nurturing and sustaining the land is a huge part of the work New Zealand Mānuka Group does. The process of harvesting, replanting and replenishment of the soil and control of pests is kept as natural as possible.

Our growing regimes and farming practices are sustainable from seedling to specialised oil, and we’re constantly improving our processes. The residual mulch from our oil processing is returned to the land to nurture new plants, or sold to local garden shops to add nutrients to New Zealand gardens.

From the land we use to the communities we work with, everything is done with care and thought to a long and sustainable future for us all.