Mānuka Plantations

To secure our place as a worldwide supplier of Mānuka honey and oil products, we cannot rely only on the Mānuka trees that grow wild through the valleys along the eastern coastlines of New Zealand. We are now developing tracts of land as dedicated Mānuka plantations under the same landowner partnerships established through our honey business. 

Each plantation is fully irrigated and is overseen by a dedicated plantation manager who ensures our Mānuka trees grow and flourish over their 20- to 30-year life. The local people we work with are excited and grateful for this investment in their land as it is not only seeing their family properties improve in value, but it is also bringing new job opportunities for the community.

Working with New Zealand’s leading forestry research experts, we have created a propagation and nursery programme which, in 2015, allowed us to plant over 250,000 seedlings - with plans to plant a further 4,400,000 seedlings in 2016. We will then implement our annual planting programme planned from 2017.

We employ local people to work the land day-to-day using only the best equipment and systems, as part of our overall commitment to quality from source to customer.