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Quality Mānuka Honey.

Share the Journey.

Native to New Zealand, the unique Mánuka plant has been used for centuries by Māori for its incredible healing properties.

Established in the early 1990's New Zealand Mānuka Group can trace its history with Mānuka all the way back to the beginning of the Mānuka industry.

Originating from this super plant, Mānuka Honey is a 100% natural product, and is scientifically proven to deliver therapeutic benefits with its natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

We are excited to be building our brands and bringing new products into the market to support our customers’ health and wellness.

We invite you to be part of this journey with us, and share in bringing these exceptional Mānuka honey products to the world.

Discover how we work with Mānuka.

Honey Harvesting.

The partnerships we have with our beekeepers and local extraction facilities are an essential part of everything we do.

Honey Processing.

All our honey is processed under Ministry for Primary Industries RMP programme to ensure full traceability and quality throughout.

Contract Packing.

We offer certified honey packing at our facility in Awakeri, Whakatane. We are ready to work with you to bring your branded honey jars into the market.

What Sustainability means to us.

The communities we work with are an important and valued part of everything we do as they are our business partners, employees, family and friends.